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Overseas Shipment


UPTCargo is here to give you an excellent experience in international shipping services. With our global network and expert team, we provide safe and fast transportation. We manage the entire process, from issuing documents to tracking, and support you in customs clearance. If you want to expand your business in the international arena, UPTCargo is a reliable partner.

The desi calculation is made by dividing the product of the width, height and height of the post by 5,000 as in the image on the right. In addition, the weight of the shipment is measured in kilograms and the higher value is accepted.

For example; We have a 25 kg box. Its dimensions are 60cm wide, 50cm tall, and 35cm high. Volumetric deci is 60*50*35 = 105000, 105000/5000=21. Since it is more in weight, the value of 25 kg is taken as desi.

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